14 Best Video Editing Apps For Android Phone

14 Best Video Editing App For Android Phone

Best video editing app for Android phones – Which are the best apps for editing videos in your mobile phone? Are you confused with the countless video editing apps for Android? Before paying for any app to edit videos in your Android phone, you must take the time to review all the leading apps. Of course there are many free video editing apps but all of them will have some limitation or the other.  If you are looking for something professional and if you want to deliver the best videos for your own viewers or for your customers then you must seriously consider investing in good video editing apps.

Before we go any further, exploring the video editing apps you should bear in mind that using an Android app in your mobile phone will not have all the capabilities of a desktop based application or a laptop based application. You could use your video editing app as a support application rather than for something full-fledged. If you are planning to starting a career in video production and video editing then you will certainly need much more than just the mobile phone based apps. Instead of rushing to invest your money in one of the apps listed below for android phones, you should think through your needs carefully so that you will have your budget channeled to the right products.

  1. Adobe Premier Rush
  2. Power Director
  3. GoPro
  4. Kinemaster Pro
  5. FilmoraGo
  6. Filmigo
  7. Vivavideo
  8. Quik
  9. Magisto
  10. Videoshow
  11. Funimate
  12. Filmmaker Pro
  13. Movavi Clips
  14. Vlogit

What to look for when comparing the video editors for your android phone?

Now that we have narrowed down to the 14 best video editing apps that you could consider for your on the go video editing needs, you still need to invest some more time to narrow down to that one perfect video editing app that best fits your needs. What to look for when comparing the video editing apps? Here are few quick guidelines for you to consider.


Is it reasonably priced? Do they charge onetime fee or an ongoing monthly or yearly subscription? It is best to go with applications that come with one-off purchase option. The initial investment could be little high but if you are planning to use it for ongoing future needs then it will certainly help you reduce the costs on the long run. Will the price cover future updates?


What are the features included in the video editor? Does it have good transition effects? How many tracks will you be able to add? Will you be able to use green screen and change the background? Do they have good animation effects? Does the app come with any ready to use stock free background music loops?

How many users are allowed?

Will you be able to install in multiple phones or is the license limited to just a single mobile phone? What if you need to change your mobile phone? Will you be able to reinstall the app without having to pay again?


Is it easy to add voiceover to the video? Does the software allow you to record audio while editing or do you need to use a pre-produced voiceover?


What are the different video editing controls offered by the app?

User Friendliness

Is the app a user friendly app? Is it complicated to use the app when you are new to video editing?

Video Rendering

How fast the videos are rendered? Does it take long to render the videos or can you produce videos fast? You might want to read reviews posted by the users in Google Play Store before downloading and paying for the app.

Video Resolution

We have already moved into the 4K era. Does the video editing app allow you to produce full HD and 4K videos? What are the video resolution options available? Do not purchase any app that does not allow you to produce full HD videos.

Instead of trying to have multiple video editing apps, try to pick an android app that comes with all the latest features so that all your needs would be taken care by a single app.

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