Android 10 Features

Android 10 Features

Android is the most used mobile OS /  mobile operating system. According to Android this OS is used by 2.5 billion devices. The latest Android version is Android 10.

Android 10 comes with many interesting and cool features.

Android 10 makes life more interesting, fast and easy.

Android 10 supports foldable phones or foldables. It supports 5G too.

The latest Android version lists over fifty updates with regard to privacy and security.

With the latest android version the security level of your device is further boosted.

Android 10 makes messaging fast and simple. When you receive a message that includes a website URL or a link to the video in the YouTube, it is possible to access it by clicking the link. Earlier, versions require you to copy and paste the link.

More to that, you will be able to enjoy the Smart Reply feature in all the messaging apps you use.

It is now possible to make the Dark Theme selective and only for certain apps in Android 10. If you want it is also possible to make the Dark Theme the universal theme for your phone.

Android 10 makes the phone navigation easier than ever. Swipe away with Android 10.

Andorid 10 also makes Live caption a reality.

If you have been facing issues with location sharing demanded by many apps, if a less frequently used app tries to gain access to your location you will get a notification and you can choose to approve or reject the location sharing request.

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