Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps – HR Monitor Apps

Disclaimer: This is not to be considered as a medical aid or as replacement for any professional medical assistance. The readings could sometimes be erroneous.

Use heart rate monitor app to measure your heart rate accurately.

Did you know that you can measure your heart rate using an Android or iOS app? Yes, we are not talking about those prank apps but apps that use the concept of photoplethysmography – a technique that measures your heart rate by detecting changes in the volume of blood volume below the surface of the skin. These apps will be able to measure a number of parameters within seconds. These apps allow you to measure your pulse rate and other readings when you are at rest or even while you are moving. No other special wearable device or equipment needed. Just your smartphone with one of the apps listed below will be able to do the job. We recommend that you install more than heart rate monitor app so that you can verify whether the readings are accurate or at least they are showing the right range.

  1. Heart Rate Monitor – 1,000,000+ installs
  2. Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker – 10,000,000+ installs
  3. Heart Rate Monitor – 1,000,000+ installs
  4. Heart Rate Plus – Pulse & Heart Rate Monitor –1,000,000+ installs
  5. Heart Rate Monitor – Simple Heartbeat Tracking – 100,000+ installs
  6. Heart Rate Monitor – 1,000,000+ installs
  7. Heart Rate Monitor – 100,000+ installs
  8. Heart Rate Monitor Pulse Checker: BPM Tracker – 100,000+ installs
  9. Welltory: EKG Heart Rate Monitor & HRV Stress Test – 100,000+ installs
  10. Heart Rate Monitor – 100,000+ installs
  11. Cardiograph – 10,000,000+ installs

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