App Permissions – How To Change The App Permissions After Installing The App

Understand The App Permissions You Give To Your Apps

Each time you install any app in Android or iOS during the installation process you will be asked to give a number of permissions for the app to be installed successfully. 99.9% of people do not check what permissions are given to these apps but blindly click ‘yes’. This could put you in a risky position when it comes to internet safety. It is your responsibility therefore to check the list of permissions you are giving these apps.

Often most of the permissions are not required for an app to work seamlessly. Before installing the app, you should check what permissions are required and what permissions are unnecessary.

You would have already installed numerous applications in your phone giving such permissions. Don’t worry, you can always go back to individual apps and check what permissions are enabled and what permissions are disabled. You can change these settings.

To check and change the permissions given to the apps that you have installed in Android Phones follow the following steps.

Step 1: Go to the home screen.

Step 2: Go to settings

Step 3: Go to Apps

Step 4: Select the app for which you would like to check the list of enabled or disabled app permissions

Step 5: Scroll down until you find “Permissions” : If you have not given any permissions to that particular app it will say No Permissions Required or else it will indicate what permissions have already been given

Step 6: Clicks on “Permissions”

Step 7: You will find list of permissions with a toggle switch.

Step 8: Disable all the permissions that are not necessarily required for the app

Step 9: Go back to home screen to continue using your smartphone