Top Ten Piano Apps – Android

best piano apps

Looking for the best piano apps in the Google Playstore, here are top ten piano apps for you. It is now possible to travel with your digital piano in your pocket. You could pull out your digital piano anytime anywhere and start playing your favourite tunes even when you are on the move. When you are selecting your piano apps you need to pay attention to a number of factors. Some of the key factors include – the originality of the sound, does it sound like a real piano? Is there any delay before the sound is emitted after pressing the key? This lag or delay is one of the most common issues that users face with most of the Android piano apps. Does the piano app come with a metronome? You might want to check these features when you install and you do not have to worry because we have curated the right apps for you.

You will be able to get the basic features of your digital piano or your piano app free of cost. Only when you go for other advanced features you may have to go for premium or paid version. We have listed here the free piano apps for Android that you could try.

best piano apps
  1. Perfect Piano – 50,000,000+ installs
  2. Real Piano – 10,000,000+ installs
  3. Piano Melody Free – 10,000,000+ installs
  4. Piano Keyboard – 5,000,000+ installs
  5. Piano Kids – Music & Songs – 10,000,000+ installs
  6. My Piano Phone – 1,000,000+ installs
  7. Real Piano – Piano keyboard 2018 – 5,000,000+ installs
  8. Piano + – 50,000,000+ installs
  9. Piano Solo HD – 1,000,000+ installs
  10. 3D Piano Keyboard – Real Piano Music – 5,000,000+ installs

Top Ten Car Racing Apps – Android

Top ten car racing apps listed here for car racing fans. If you are one of those people who love getting back to your car racing game in your mobile phone even if you were to just a 30 second break then these car game apps are for you. Have non stop fun playing your favourite car racing games. Car games in your Android app will come handy when you need to wait for a long time for your connecting flight or for your friend at the park or even when you are on an escalator. Download the best car game apps and keep them updated regularly for unending fun and excitement.

  1. Car Racing – 10,000,000+ installs
  2. Highway Car Racing Game – 1,000,000+ installs
  3. Racing in Car 2100,000,000+ installs
  4. Stock Car Racing – 10,000,000+ installs
  5. Turbo drift race 3d: new sports car racing games10,000,000+ installs
  6. City Car Racing – 1,000,000+ installs
  7. Asphalt 8: Airborne – Fun Real Car Racing Game – 100,000,000+ installs
  8. Speed Car Race 3D – Extreme Car Driving – 5,000,000+ installs
  9. City Racing 3D – 50,000,000+ installs
  10. Real Thumb Car Racing: New Car Games 2019 – 5,000,000+ installs

Top Ten Candy Crush Game Apps – Android

Here are the top ten candy crush game apps for your smartphone. People spend endless hours playing candy crush games in their smartphones and countless new variants of candy crush games are launched. If you love playing this simple smartphone game, then make sure that you have one of the candy crush game apps listed below installed in your phone.

  1. Candy Crush Saga – 500,000,000+ installs
  2. Candy Crush Soda Saga – 100,000,000+ installs
  3. Candy Crush Jelly Saga – 100,000,000+ installs
  4. Candy Crush Friends Saga – 10,000,000+ installs
  5. Candy Bomb – 10,000,000+ installs
  6. Candy Fever – 10,000,000+ installs
  7. Crazy Candy Bomb – Sweet match 3 game – 1,000,000+ installs
  8. Farm Heroes Saga – 100,000,000+ installs
  9. Candy Bears – 1,000,000+ installs
  10. Sweet Candy Forest – 5,000,000+ installs



Top Ten Movie Streaming Apps – Android

The Best Movie Streaming Apps

Looking for the best movie apps or movie streaming apps to enjoy watching your favourite movies and TV series online through movie apps? The internet has changed completely the way we go about our entertainment activities. You do not have to drive to your movie halls any longer to watch your movies. Your smartphone or your iphone, tablet PCs or your iPads could be turned into a non-stop entertainment hubs. You do not even have to buy DVDS and spend several hundreds every month. All that you need these days is a subscription to one of these movie streaming apps to enjoy unlimited round the year access to all your favourite movies. Here are top ten movie streaming apps for Android.

Google Play Movies & TV – 1,000,000,000+ installs

Netflix – 500,000,000+ installs

Eros Now – Watch online movies, Music & Originals – 10,000,000+ installs

Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows – 50,000,000+ installs

JioCinema: Movies TV Originals – 50,000,000+ installs

Amazon Prime – 100,000,000+ installs

Free HD Movies 2019 – 1,000,000+ installs

JustWatch – Search Engine for Streaming and Cinema – 1,000,000+ installs

Series Lover 2019 – TV Shows Online – 100,000+ installs

Free Movies HD 2019 – Watch HD Movies Free – 500,000+ installs


Top Ten Music Streaming Apps – Android

Top Ten Music Streaming Apps

Listen to music all day long! Enjoy these android free music apps that will stream music non-stop! Millions of songs are waiting for you totally free of cost in these music apps for androids. If you love music then your smartphone must have at least one of these top ten music apps installed. Using these music apps for android you will be able to search for your favorite music albums and music artists. Search for your favorite songs, create your own play lists and do much more with these free music apps. You can play music in your mobile or tablet.

  1. Spotify: Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs 500,000,000+ installs
  2. YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos 100,000,000+ installs
  3. SoundCloud – Music & Audio – 100,000,000+ installs
  4. Free music player for YouTube: Stream 50,000,000+ installs
  5. Gaana Music- Hindi Tamil Telugu MP3 Songs Online 100,000,000+ installs
  6. Wynk Music – Download & Play Songs, MP3, HelloTune 100,000,000+ installs
  7. Amazon Music 100,000,000+ installs
  8. Hungama Music – Stream & Download MP3 Songs 10,000,000+ installs
  9. Music Stream Hub 500,000+ installs
  10. Apple Music 10,000,000+ installs