Cube Road Run: Road Runner Hopper

App Name: Cube Road Run: Road Runner Hopper

App Publisher: Game Station Arena

App Category:  Arcade

cube road run android arcade game

Introducing the latest game by Game Station Arena. This fun and addictive road hopping game let’s you choose your favorite cube shaped characters. You will interact in the colorful cube world as you try to make your way past the challenges that lay ahead. Play as a T-Rex and other characters as you avoid obstacles and cars. You must unlock the various levels and stages and make high scores to win. Endless road crossing fun for the whole family! This game is suitable for all ages and children and adults will get a kick out of this arcade game. If you loved the popular childhood arcade game, Frogger, then you will love this game! Although different from Frogger you will quickly fall in love with this game and feel right at home as if it’s a classic you recognize. Cube Road Run is free to play and easy to learn. The best thing about this game is that you can relax and enjoy hours of entertainment while at the waiting room or on a quick break at work. This game is about having fun and getting your excitement going, not about strategy. Once you’re done playing, be sure to leave a review and check out one of the many other addictive games by Game Station Arena. So, do you think you can master the Cube Road Run Hopper Game on Android? Install on Google Play now and find out! 

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