Safe Offline Apps & Games For Kids

Safe offline games for your kids – Are you in search of the best safe offline games for your kids? You are not alone – one of the biggest challenges that parents have these days is to keep their kids of the smartphones, iphones, tablets and ipads. On the one hand they should be initiated into all the latest technology and on the other hand they need to be safe.

If you take the smartphones away from your kids completely, they will get frustrated and they will become highly irritable. The trick therefore is in striking the balance. Set smartphone rules for your kids and let them use only during the specified time of the day. When you are giving them the smartphone, disconnect your phone from the network and load one or more of the offline games that we have listed below.

Before installing any of the games that we have listed below, you are required to use your due diligence in screening the apps based on its suitability for your kids.

  1. Little Panda: Princess Dress Up – 10,000,000+ installs

  1. Mandala Coloring Pages – 10,000,000+ installs

  1. Farming Simulator 14 – 50,000,000+ installs

  1. Skater Kid – 10,000,000+ Installs

  1. Princess Salon: Frozen Party – 10,000,000+ installs

  1. Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle – 5,000,000+ installs